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Great History & Natural Wonders
Río San Juan and San Juan del Norte

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The most historic river on the isthmus, the Rio San Juan extends 196 km, along the frontier of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The river tells stories of Indian movement, pirates, conquistadors and more recent arrivals. Subsequent to the California gold rush in 1849, it became part of a major passage across the isthmus. The river is the site of one of the proposed canals across Nicaragua. Our specially packaged tours take you along the river as it passes through El Indio Maiz Tropical Biosphere Reserve, one of the largest humid tropical rainforests on the planet. The town of San Juan del Norte, at the mouth of the river, was once one of the most important cities in Nicaragua. At one time, more than 127 foreign consulates were established there. In 1880, Nicaragua began an ambitious project: the construction of an inter-oceanic canal connecting the Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean. After 15 years, lack of funding caused the project to be halted. Today, all that remains of the effort are the concrete, steel and wood artifacts leftover from the heady days of building. You must look for these remains, because nature has reclaimed the region.



10 Rooms. A small rustic inn with an incredible view of the Rio Indio. Café and dining rooms. Casual atmosphere. Immediate access to boating and fishing on the river.


6 rooms. Fascinating small, two level, hotel on the Blue Lagoon. Exquisite service and ambiance. Outstanding kitchen. Boat rentals and fishing gear available.


32 Standard rooms, 1 Nupcial Cottage and 1 Master Siute Rio Indio Lodge is an Ecotourism and Sport Fishing resort near the mouth of the San Juan River just across the Costa Rican border in Southeastern Nicaragua. Rio Indio Lodge will be comprised of a main lodge and restaurant complex, guestrooms and swimming pool. The Lodge have "nature cottages" set in the jungle

Monkey Point
We punch through the surf and swells of the Caribbean Sea and head to Monkey Point Beach. Once there, we find a very calm Caribbean Bay populated by a community of people of African descent. We meet them, splash about in the sea and then have a picnic-Caribbean-style. We return to San Juan del Norte in the late afternoon. Full day.

Old San Juan del Norte
Take a motorboat tour to the historic draga (dredge) in the magnificent Blue Lagoon. Take a guided tour through the past by visiting local English, Catholic, North American and Mason cementary. See the ruins of the Pellas House and the church. Later, we sail up the historic canal built in the 19th Century. Half day.

Río Indio
Early in the morning we start up the Rio Indio and contemplate the sunrise on a Caribbean Beach. After about an hour, we enter the Rio Caño Negro.
This area is a paradise for Manatee, red and green parrots, jaguars and wild boar. Full day.

Silico Lagoon
A very special tour because few people have seen the lagoon. Early in the morning, we leave by motorboat to the Rio Sanjuanillo-on our way to the
Ebo Lagoon. Then we enter a wet tropical rainforest. The teeming water life makes the passage a rare treat. Suddenly, the Silico Lagoon opens its
arms and invites a long wide look. Here we leave the boat, and walk into the forest. Red and camouflage frogs receive and prepare us for other animal
surprises. Full day.


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